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The AAXA P2-B Pico Projector is a low-cost, highly portable projector with a good built-in media player, but its image quality for both data and video could be better.About the same size as a contemporary smartphone, this pico projector can provide you with an image of up to 80-inches at a native.

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At Picopros, we often get the opportunity to review new pico projectors before anyone else.AAXA Technologies has now come up with its new P1 pico-projector.It is a video projector but more practical with performance even more accentuated than satisfactory, for a price quite reasonable, within reach of all.

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We specialize in pico projectors, pocket projectors, micro projectors, mini projectors.The 900 lumens of brightness mean that this projector will be reasonably usable even if your room is not perfectly dark.

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Unlike ordinary projectors that become pixelated when enlarged, the LED Pico will provide a crisp image up to 60 inches.

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AAXA Technologies announces the release of its P1 micro projector.

It doesn't have a battery and needs to be plugged in.

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The tiny AAXA HD Pico Projector has a respectable resolution and good image quality, yet its low brightness and bare-bones features make it best for light-duty use.

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A handheld projector (also known as a pocket projector, mobile projector, pico projector or mini beamer) is an image projector in a handheld device.

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AAXA Technologies specializes in the development of advanced Nano-LCoS systems including Pico Projectors, Video Displays, and custom OEM designs.

These projectors are inbuilt in various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and cameras, which makes them popular as pocket or pico projector.

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Save time and money, with advanced features such as custom lists and more.

The AAXA P4 P4X Pico Projector will blow away your mind with its capabilities.

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Pico projectors allow you to use your phone, laptop, or tablet to display pictures or videos on a screen or wall.

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AAXA Technologies are respected throughout the industry and are generally considered to be the best of the best when it comes to these advanced miniature projectors.

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Recently, I tried out a pico projector (aka pocket projector), which I used to give a talk to about 25 people in a restaurant setting, with ordinary, not-too-dark not-too-bright restaurant lighting -- i.e., we did not dim the lights for the presentation.We picked up and reviewed 5 Pocket Projectors for business and leisure, that can get a signal from your phone and display it right away.AAXA is hardly new to the world of pocket projectors, including a 3D-capable model.Find great deals on eBay for aaxa projector and pico projector.This portable projector is less than 5.6-inch long, 2.7-inch wide, and 1.2-inch tall.

AAXA Technologies, a global leader in pico projection technology is excited to announce the AAXA LED Pico, a low-cost 25 Lumen Pico Projector with best-in-class resolution.Recently, Aaxa technologies announced the launch of their latest pico projector offering, the P3.This is the result of our dedication to this emerging class of projectors and our commitment to do fair, comprehensive reviews for the OEMs who offer these amazing products.

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The AAXA P4-X Pico Projector features an ultra-bright 175 lumens optical engine, which is powered by DLP technology of Texas Instruments.

Bidding is going on for this exciting Optoma Pico PK301 DLP.Take your favorite streaming apps with you or mirror your smartphone or tablet with the P300 Neo Smart.The AAXA P300 gives you a bright, vivid image with an fantastic contrast ratio.Optoma Pico PK301 DLP Projector. this might be one of the best pico projectors on the market.A pico projector, also called a mini projector, is nothing more than a portable projector of size and reduced weight.

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